History and Weather Disasters: The 1900 Galveston Storm II

In 1900 in Galveston’s Daily News paper report stated that “The hurricane could never truly be written.” The grandfather of Mrs. Linda Macdonald was reported saying that he could’ve never forgotten what had happened that dreadful night. Others who have survived that night share the same exact sentiments, saying that there were absolutely no words that could have been said about the destructive hurricane which reshaped the Gulf coast ever since.

The residents of Galveston and the rest of United States had marked the hurricane of 1990 as one of the most deadly to have ever entered American soil in History as the story of the storm continues to stay within the minds of all who live near and in the coast. The historical disaster is a reminder for all of what could occur when the winds blow ruthlessly along with the merciless rise of the tides along the coasts of America that are prone to hurricanes.

The trail of destruction and death of the storm alongside eventual recovery is something that is near the hearts of residents in Galveston. And even if the years pass by, the terrible event would always be part of American history.

For the locals, if anybody refers to “the storm”, it is already pretty evident. Anybody who says that he or she had survived the storm, there is no doubt that it predates the 8th of September in 1900. If anybody had said that one of their loved ones died in the storm or have survived it, they were most likely referring to the pass 100 years ago. For the local residents in Galveston or people who lived along the coast, when you say “the storm” it most definitely refers to the 1900 Hurricane that had changed Galveston forever as it tore the city into shreds and left it in utter ruins in September 8, 1900.

Isaac Cline a meteorologist and a writer of a book about his memories during the rampage of the storm had said that when the hurricane was done thrashing the entire city, it had not just left it in tatters, but ironically it when it passed it was “a most beautiful day” he had said. Indeed the sky was brimming with brightness; it was a most beautifully warm day after the storm. It was the kind of day where the people would flock to the coastal city of Galveston to witness the return of its beauty that had made the city boom in the first place.
But unfortunately, it wasn’t until months and months of waiting after the descent of the deadly hurricane where any tourists or visitors could again step on the sandy shores of Galveston. What had taken its place were a many dead bodies, victims of the storm, buried improperly at the rummaged shore.. It left even more treacherous tasks for the clean uppers. After the storm some families who had survived had left Galveston, carrying with them the memory and the pain of the storm that had struck one fateful and terrible night.

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